Patrol Operations Manual

The contents of the Patrol Operations Manual details the requirements for SLSQ patrol operations and beach management plans.

Club Captains and Patrol Captains must be aware of the existence of the Patrol Operations Manual and are required to familiarise themselves with the content.

The Patrol Operations Manual can also be found on the clubs allocated iPad and referenced at any time.

Specific club requirements are to be confirmed within individual agreements as negotiated between clubs, their relevant branches and Surf Life Saving Queensland. Once confirmed by the branch, a club Patrol Service Contract may be altered only upon consultation between the club,  their relevant Branch Director of Lifesaving and the State Lifesaving Officer.

It is hoped that through this system, clubs will have more flexibility in the delivery of services and be more able to continually develop their patrols to meet the current and future demands of their respective areas.

Surf Life Saving Queensland is very appreciative of the past efficiency of the Surf Life Saving operations throughout all areas of our Association in Queensland. Our patrol statistics continue to show a positive trend in rescues while beach visitations and preventative actions continue to rise.  This indicates that our club patrols are continuing to be proactive in performing their duties.

To access the Patrol Operations Manual online, click the link above to the SLSQ Club Management site. This is also available in an app from the Google Play or App Store.